Time Expanding Tips: Wardrobe Preparation Vol. 1



Welcome to the “Time Expanding Tips” series by KaMIT®.   In this series you will learn how  to organize and make small changes in routine tasks to gain free time.  These time expanding tips will work for all areas of you life when the principle of “pre-preparation” is utilized.

The categories that we will focus on in this series are wardrobe, fitness workouts and healthy food preparation.

There are only 24 hours in a day but by working smarter,  eliminating unnecessary tasks and streamlining routines, you can expand time.


Plan, Plan, Plan your wardrobes a week ahead.  This was lifesaving for me on so many levels.  It took me on average  30 min or more to decide what to wear in the morning. I had to find the outfit and the undergarments that would work with them, match the jewelry and shoes, then decide what hairstyle to wear. That added up to  210 min a week or 3 1/2 hours of time spent picking out clothes to wear for different occasions.  If I had a multi-role day, work, fitness class, business event, etc. that added another 30 minutes to my morning routine.  I was exhausted and behind schedule before I left home.  The routine that I came up with saved my sanity and made for a much smoother day.

Here are the key benefits from planning ahead.

*You will gain knowledge about what you already have in your closet which means you can shop more strategically.

*You will learn which outfits  make you look and feel  your  best.

*You will be less stressed by the unknown of what you will wear,

and of course you will save yourself some time and frustration

Stop the time wasting insanity by following this routine.

  1.  Pick a day and time to start, and write it down in your calendar.
  2.  Check your coming week calendar of events, include all activities, work, parties, fitness classes, school meetings.
  3. Start with one category, i.e. work and choose which outfits you will wear..

Choose key pieces  (blouses,  jackets, pants, skirts, dresses.  Pair the tops with the bottoms; can you mix a different top with the same pair of pants for a new look?







Try on clothes that you have not worn for awhile to make sure that they still fit.  Clean or repair items if necessary.

Pick the under garments that you will wear with each outfit.  This was a major source of frustration for me.  Eliminate stress and save  time by having the right foundation pieces pre-selected for each outfit.









What  shoes  will you wear with each outfit,  can you swap out flats  for heels  for an event later in the evening?  Clean and polish shoes. 

Next, pick the accessories; watches, earrings, cuff-links, ties necklaces, and bracelets for each outfit..


How will you wear your hair with each outfit?  Can it go from one event to another without much effort. Do you have the right styling tools and hair care products at home. 








Arrange your closet for easy access to your choices.  If you have time, label each outfit with the day and occassion. 

Repeat the above process for each of your planned activities for the entire week.

Time seems to expands when you do this. Resist filling this free time with more unnecessary stuff.   Instead, enjoy sleeping a little later, lingering over your morning meal or spending more time with your family.







Enjoy your extra time.






By: Dorris Bogus
Author:  The 4 KaMIT Codes
Founder Of KaMIT Active Lifestyle Brand

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