Love, Why and What.

“He whom love touches not walks in darkness. ”  Plato

Sigh…Cupid, who is a match for that mythic figure?
Although Cupid approaches its target seemingly by chance, one swears that it was fate. One slight prick of his arrow leaves the rational, pragmatic man and woman ready to surrender to love. Every situation, good or bad meets ecstatic happiness, optimistic joy and a world-conquering attitude. There is no reasoning with Cupid and Eros; it’s futile. Nothing can prevent the effects of Cupid’s arrow, and isn’t that a good thing?

In a holistic approach to life, there are other concepts of love that are just as important to long-term happiness. There is Philia, Storge, Agape, Ludus, Pragma, and Philautis love.

Philia love is a form of love between friends based on mutual respect, shared interest and trust.

Storge love is love between family, such as the unconditional love between a parent and child.

Agape love is love for all of humanity, regardless of relationship, shared interest or trust.

Ludus is a lighthearted, playful, uncommitted approach to love, whether it involves romance or friendship.

Pragma love thrives on mutual duties, concerns and outcomes.

Philautis is self-love based on self-respect and self-confidence while still respecting the rights of others. Ideally, this type of love does not behave like a Narcissist.

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with all of its traditional trappings; romantic dinners, champagne, chocolates, love notes, wild and whispered pledges of love voiced by the hopeful novice and seasoned couples alike. On this day, let us celebrate Eros.

“He whom love touches not walks in darkness.”  Plato.

Making Clothes

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Save Time and Increase Energy

Everyone has to begin their fitness journey somewhere. Why not start here? Below are six steps to a clean eating diet that will boost your energy to work out and save you time and money.


  1. Keep this list.
  2. When removing food and drink items from your diet, replace them with a healthier option.
  3. Encourage your friends and family to join you in your clean eating journey, but remember that you are the captain of your own ship and your weight loss success starts with you.


Be sure to contact your doctor and/ or dietitian before making health and fitness changes


6 Steps to a Clean Eating Diet

1. Remove empty calories

Energy drinks and soda add empty calories to your diet. Drinking sugary drinks has been linked to diabetes and weight gain. The American Diabetes Association recommends that people should avoid drinking sugar-sweetened beverages in order to decrease their risk of type-2 diabetes. Instead of drinking empty calories, drink water or water with infused fruits.

2. Eat in vs. Out Have a plan. Cooking at home will save you time and money in the long run, but you have to have a meal plan. Start small by decreasing the days you eat out. If you eat out three times a week limit it to two, then one. It is important to replace these meal times with healthy meals you and your family enjoy.

3. Try a plant based diet

Even if it is once a week to start, bring out the chef in you. Try simple plant based recipes that you can easily replicate. For those is your family who think you can’t get fit on a plant based diet, share this fun fact with them; Most Gladiators were vegetarians and participated in strict plant-based diets while training.

4. Drink lots of water and tea

Drinking water is not only great for your body and skin, but it is also great for energy and weight loss. Water and Tea are great alternatives to starting your day fresh and keeping you hydrated and energized. Water and tea is not to be used as a meal supplement or hunger prevention. Drink water and tea when you are thirsty or need an energy boost.

5. Say no to added sugar

While on your weight loss journey try to avoid all types of heavy concentrations of sugars. Fruits like mangos, drinks like sodas, sweet teas or lemonade, and snacks, like cookies and cakes are all to be avoided or consumed in moderation. Processed sugars should be avoided as well.

6. Eat close to nature

An easy way to remember what to buy when trying to eat clean is shopping on the outside areas of the supermarket. Eating real food has consistently been the best diet plan any one can use. Many of these items can be frozen which can increase their shelf life from weeks to months. Remember to buy in season to get the best deals.

Dorris Bogus

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

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  On the Road Collection

2019 spring fashion collection 
bamboo hi rise tights with white stripe on center of legs.  Spectator Bomber Jacket

Toreador Capri Rain Ready Vest

U-Turn Tights Slick Road Top Belted Wrap Top

2019 spring fashion collection 
bamboo hi rise tights with white stripe on side of legs.  Spectator layered belted wrap, spectator black /white racerback top.

Follow The Lines Tights Runway Bomber Jacket

Arriving at your destination feeling and looking fresh during travel is challenging. Clothes wrinkle, restrict, bind and absorb odors along the way. There is an added pressure to pack light, which forces us to choose clothes that are appropriate and functional in a variety of settings. The Traveling Collection by Lorie Gray for KaMIT has the answer. The collection uses eco-friendly bamboo and lycra fabric in the designs. This fabric innately resists wrinkles, has natural moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties that prevent odor and is machine washable.

The collection is made for layering and mixed use. Wear them to fitness classes or around town to run errands. They look fashionable with all types of shoe styles; sneakers, boots, flats and sandals. The collection pairs well with most closet staples like jeans, skirts and dresses. Happy traveling.

The pieces range in prices from $25.00 for sports bras to $90.00 for tights. You can purchase this collection at

Can This House Be Saved?

I intend to bring this house back from the brink of being demolished by the city. This 1920 condemned property screams “second chance, so being the adventurer that I am, I raised my hand and bought it for a bargain. Stay tuned for progress updates. Also, pray for me, seriously, pray a lot.

Built in 1920
Existing Elevation



Are you looking for balance in your life? Being and living in balance leads to a fulfilling and joyful existence. All it takes is a commitment to yourself.

By reading the 4 KaMIT Codes and implementing their principles into your life, you will have the working tools and skills to live your life out large and in balance.

You will learn how to put yourself first and create a harmonious living space. You will appreciate why giving and receiving add joy to your life. The KaMIT codes will inspire and challenge you to keep reaching for ways to live your life out large.

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Over-sized comfy top has lots of room to float through the day. The longer length in the back camouflage imperfections. The sleeve length is ideal. Bunch up the sleeves when the weather is warm or let them down as the temp. drops.

Pair this with a pair of white on white short-shorts. These shorts are made using stain resistant body care fabric. They are fully lined with brass eyelets, a front zipper and side pockets.