Keep It In The Closet?

What to keep and what to let go of in 2019.

With the New Year here, isn’t it time to assess what works for your lifestyle? However, where to start? No doubt you are a busy woman trying to fit it all in; building or reviving a career, attending school, maintaining health and fitness, relationships, pets, parenting, running a business, “me too movement”, as well as dealing with the general stress of the times. Nowhere is there a more appropriate place to start assessing what works for your lifestyle than in your closet. Your closet represents your general outlook on life. Think about it, the clothes in your closet are an outward expression of your inner priority. What you do for a living, your social life, your attitude about health and fitness all are on display in your closet.

If you are like me, you try to look at everything through a balanced mind/body/spirit lens, (between you and me, I lean a little more towards a spiritual lens.

So let’s start with what makes you feel good about certain clothes in your closet. Are there memories associated with them; first date, a special occasion, did you have many compliments when wearing them, or do you feel confident, wise, comfortable, and happy? Ask yourself why certain clothes elicit a particular emotion.

Pick out all the clothes that make you feel that way. It doesn’t matter if they are out of style, three sizes too little or almost worn out, if they make you happy, keep them in the closet. Put them in pile number one and label it “Keep It in the Closet”.

Now, which clothes make you question your sanity as you look at them in the cold light of a New Year? Are there negative emotions that pop into your head; breakups, difficult career challenges, family troubles, health issues, wrong colors, or style? Put these in a pile, and label it “Let It out Of the Closet” there is no reason to hold on to them or the associated negative, or regretful, hidden emotions. There could be another way to look at them though, as you will see later.

When I did the “Keep It in the Closet” exercise, I stood there looking at the two piles of clothes trying to decide what each represented. I let the full spectrum of emotions wash through me, you know, all of the ones in between love and fear. The first pile represented my mindset for the New Year; to be an optimistic, adventurous woman determined to be grateful, for the good times, big and small.

I decided that the second pile represented not regrets, but valuable lessons that I learned during the year. I will use the wisdom that I gained when making future decisions. The clothes that I decided to let out of the closet could not hold me back by constantly reminding me of hard times. Letting them go helped me become the 2019 version of myself.

Of course, it’s all in how you look at things. Are you going to “Keep It In The Closet” or are you going to let it out? One of my favorite quotes goes like this, “_when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”_ by Wayne Dyer.

The great thing about this quote is that you get to choose.

Thankful for 2018, fully embracing 2019.

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  • Dorris Bogus
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