Black Fitness Wear Manufacturer inspired by FUBU



Brands created, nurtured, manufactured  and sustained by Black Americans in the cultural lifestyle apparel industry, has not seen anyone like Daymond John, of FUBU, who  emerged on the scene and took his vision all the way to the masses in a long time.

That is changing.  A Black owned corporation, Mega Inc Lifestyle in Richardson, TX, designs, manufactures and distributes  fitness and casual lifestyle brands, KaMIT & A Spiritual Junkie.  Dorris Bogus founded the corporation, located in Richardson, Texas, in 2005. initially as a way  to promote physical activity in teens.  “I wanted to connect the brand KaMIT with the concept of commitment to achieving goals and dreams, whatever they may be” says Dorris.  For Dorris it was physical activity.

Later, A Spiritual Junkie was inspired by personal challenges that led Dorris to embrace mind body practices.   Being the best you physically, is empowering.  It is my hope that wearing the  brands inspire and motivate you to keep reaching for your best.   Dorris says “Mega Inc Lifestyle commits to keep pushing harder and higher with the intention of inspiring others to take a chance on being a success in a tough industry, just like FUBU did for my company.”

Mega Inc Lifestyle, manufactures fitness and casual tops, shirts, shorts, pants and jackets.

Mega Inc Lifestyle, is distributed via their e-commerce site, and their brick an mortar location in Richardson, Texas.




Dorris Bogus
Mega Inc Lifestyle, INC.

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