Taking a Leap How to Know When It’s Time?


     I believe that we all come to a point when we have to make a decision that will have a profound impact on our life and those that are included in it.   It may be a decision to change a job or a career,  to get married, to have children, to go back to school, to leave our hometown or to leave a spouse or a partner.  Many of us know what we want to do, but we are afraid to take a leap into the unknown.  Fear of uncertainty holds us back.  Advice from a trusted source is helpful, but ultimately, we have to make the final decision alone.  How can we be sure that we are making the right choice?   How do we know when it is safe to take a leap?

     The short answer is that nothing is 100% certain, so we will never be sure if we are making the right decision at the time.   The only way to find out is to decide and take a leap.  What has to happen before you decide is to do what is called the “what if ” sequence.  The what if sequence goes like this:

                  Ask yourself a question, for instance, “what will happen if I leave                         my job and I cannot find another one?” The answer might be “I                               won’t be able to pay my rent.”  “What if I can’t pay my rent?”  “I                                won’t have a place to live.”  Then ask yourself, “what if I don’t have                        a place to live?”  The answer, “I will be homeless.”  “What if I am                              homeless?”  “I will be a bum.”  “What if I am a bum?”  You get the                            idea, right?   This will work for any major decision that you have to                       make.

       You take it down to the last question and carefully considered answer that you feel or know that you can accept.  If you know that you can accept the consequences that might arise from your decision, then you are ready to take a leap.

     Remember, there are no guarantees about outcomes but the only way to know how things will work out is to try.  So go ahead, question, decide and take that leap.

Dorris Bogus











Sugar alert…the sugar that you don’t see..


A large consumption of sugar has a detrimental effect on our health and well-being.  It is easy to over-consume sugar if we are not visually aware of how much we actually eat on a daily basis.


Once I converted the grams of sugar into teaspoons I got a real sense of how much sugar I was consuming.  It was eye opening to say the least.

1 teaspoon of sugar = 4 grams.  To convert grams to teaspoons divide the grams of sugar by 4.


56 grams of sugar divided by 4, equals 14 teaspoons of sugar.

See what The American Heart Association recommends.

Here is the sugar content of common foods consumed by a large portion of the USA population.

12 oz can soda  9 3/4  teaspoons of sugar


1 cup sugar added cereal 3.3 teaspoon of sugar.

1/4 cup cocktail sauce  3.1 teaspoons of sugar

  16 oz bottled peach flavored sweetened tea 6.3 teaspoons of sugar

1 cup orange juice (fresh or bottled)

5.2 teaspoons of sugar



50 grams (1.8 oz)  chocolate caramel cookie bar                

6 teaspoons of sugar


9 oz iced coffee  7.75 teaspoons of sugar


1/4 cup ketchup  3.4 teaspoons of sugar.

The point is, check labels for their sugar content  so that you can get a visual idea of what you are consuming.  I hope that this article sharpened your awareness.

Dorris Bogus

ACE Certified

IDEA Fitness Member

Resources:  www.americanheartassociation.org