Smart Power Breakfast in 5 Minutes


Time crunched, most of us are?  In 5 minutes  you can cook a nutritious meal to jump start your day.  Instead of pastries and coffee, cook and eat this healthy alternative.  It’s quick, easy and delicious.


1/2 Cup Egg Whites

2 slices of whole grain bread

Oil Spritz

Medium favorite whole peach ,apple etc.

1/4 cup of low fat cottage cheese

Slice fruit into quarters and put in a bowl.   Add 1/4 cup of cottage cheese on top.  Spray a non- stick, heated skillet with olive oil.  Put bread into toaster.  While bread is toasting scramble egg whites and cook.  Season to taste.  Make a sandwich with the egg whites, and add your favorite condiment if desired.


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The Office Worker’s Workout

Workplace Workouts

These exercises can help desk bound office workers stay healthy and succeed on the job.

Here are a few simple workouts that can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and don’t require anything beyond what’s available in the average office.

Full-Body Strength

Perform anywhere from 5 (beginner) to 15 (experienced) repetitions of these exercises in a circuit-style format for 5–30 minutes, resting as necessary.

Chair squats. Start seated in a chair, then stand up.

Upgrade: Do squats without the chair.

Desk push-ups. Place both hands on the desk shoulder-width apart, lower the body until the elbows reach 90 degrees, and press back to the start position.

Upgrade: Perform push-ups on the floor, either on the toes or knees or with the feet elevated on a chair.

Hip bridges. Lie on the floor face up, knees bent to 45 degrees and feet flat on the ground. Drive the hips toward the ceiling until there is a straight line from the knees to the shoulders.

Upgrade: Place both feet on a chair and perform the exercise.

Elbow plank. Positioning yourself face down with the elbows underneath the shoulders (like the Sphinx), rest on the knees (novice) or toes (experienced) and keep the trunk muscles tight. Hold for 10–30 seconds.

Upgrade: From elbow plank, lift one leg at time, alternating between legs.

Dips. Sit in the chair, place the hands on the side of the chair and press down until the hips are elevated.

Dorris Bogus

Source of article: IDEA Fitness Journal, Volume 13, Issue 2

Day 19 Facing Hurdles


HURDLES!  Not a big fan?  Me  either.

Sometimes you have to KaMIT and sometimes you have to Submit.  I have found that I get the best results when I combine them together.  Find your rock in difficult times.




Dorris Bogus/KaMIT

ACE Group Fitness



You’ve lost weight, now keep it off. 5 strategies that work.

As a ACE  certified group fitness instructor, I am often asked “how do I maintain my weight loss?  I answer with these five strategies listed below.  The reason that I answer this way is because I do not want them to develop an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.  These are practical, time tested strategies that work.

  1. Pre- Planning.  Schedule your exercise sessions, do it and then you are done.
  1. Read food labels. Be aware of what and how much you are really eating in one sitting. Learn to visualize what a proper portion size looks like.

    3.  Keep a food and work out journal.  That is important for two reason; you are more                   likely to workout when you record your workout routine  and you can look back and               see the  progress you have made.  This is a great self affirmation technique.

Fitness trackers are popular and  I love them, but if you want to connect your heart to  your head, write it down.

  1.  Brown Bag it.  Prepare your snacks and lunch.  Igloo has several affordable styles in their collection to help you transport healthy foods.
  1. Pay attention to your body.  It knows what it needs but you have to respond to the signals. If a particular food and or workout is unsuitable for you your body will let you know either through pain or digestive distress.

I am not saying that it will be easy, but if you follow these 5 strategies, I guarantee that the load will be much lighter.  Stay motivated. Good luck.  Let us hear from you.

Dorris Bogus/KaMIT